Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average drying time for water based paints & that for oil based paints?

For water based paints 1hour and oil based paints 8 hours.

What is the shelf life (in – can shelf life) of paint?

2 Years

Why is the Roof & Stoep Paint colour range only limited to Red, Black & Green?

Because these colours offer better resistance to UV light

What is the better solvent to use between Mineral Turpentine and Lacquer Thinners when thinning gloss enamel and eggshell paints?

Mineral Turpentine.

Can I use contractors PVA as undercoat for gloss enamel?

No, universal undercoat white is appropriate for use an an undercoat for gloss enamel.

How many litres of Termite Poison will effectively cover 1Square Metre?

2 Litres of undiluted Termite Poison

How many hours of continuous burning, will 1L of Fuel Gel last?

Approximately 8 hours