Product Portfolio

We have got it all; from metallic to solid automotive refinish paints. Get in style!


Manufactured by Astra Paints as well as imported from Plascon Coatings for the OEM and refinish markets. Brands include the Glosskote enamel, Fleetline enamel, Grey Surfacer Primer, Acrylac 2K auto range, Plascon’s Acryline 2K auto range and top of the range Herbert’s Standox 2K auto range.

We offer technical services for all of these categories as well as boast the best project assistance service in support of our paint and coating products.

furniture-coatingsOur Varnishes and Reaction Lacquers will give your furniture a gorgeous look! Feel like a king with our furniture coating range.

Feel at home with our quality paints. We have a full colour range that suits all your imaginations. Our Reflections II state of the art automatic tinting system can make any colour of your choice while you wait!

We’ve got it all! From oil based paints, water based coatings to varnishes; and these include High Gloss Enamel paints, Eggshell Enamel paints, Red Oxide metal primer and Zinc Phosphate primer, Super Advanced Acrylic Exterior/Interior PVA, Ceiling PVA White, Polycril acrylic PVA, Double Velvet luxury PVA, Micatex textured coatings, Clear varnish, Woodcoat Clear varnishes and Varnish stains.


We have industrial coatings for corrosion control of steel structures such as offshore platforms, bridges, underground pipelines and y coatings for any other metal and steel works.