Frequently Asked Questions

Is Astra Chemical the same as Astra Paints?

Astra Chemical and Astra Paints are both in the Astra Industries group. However Astra Chemical is a manufacturer and distributor of chemicals and alcohols, whereas Astra Paints is a manufacturer and distributor of paints for all industries.

Does Astra Chemical accept cheque payments?

We do accept three modes of payments. Cash, RTGS, or Cheque. However product will made available when your funds have shown in our account if it’s a payment by cheque or RTGS. We also offer credit terms subject to your account being approved by our management team.

Does Astra Chemical deliver?

Yes we offer delivery services.

What are the minimum quantities sold at Astra Chemical?

This depends with the type of product, and it ranges from 500g to bulk deliveries.