Astra Industries Limited (AIL) is an entity born out of the demerger of Astra Limited Group in February 2001 into three separate listed entities, Cairns Holdings, Tractive Power Holdings and Astra Industries Limited.

AIL has 2 subsidiaries, Astra Holdings Limited & Astra Chemical (Private) Limited.

Astra Holdings Ltd comprises Astra Paints Division.  Astra Paints is the largest paint and protective coatings manufacturer in Zimbabwe with 45% market share in Zimbabwe and exports some of its output in the region. Until April 2011, Astra Holdings Limited also had Astra Steel Division which was discontinued.

Astra Chemical is involved in chemical trading and blending activities. Products include industrial chemicals, potable alcohol, and food chemicals. These are sold mainly to industrial manufacturers as well as to alcohol distilling industries. Most of the chemicals traded are imported in bulk and sold in bulk.

Astra Chemical (Private Limited) is the parent of one other SBU:

  • a 51% Joint Venture with Hippo Valley Estates called NCP Distillers Zimbabwe which manufactures and distributes potable alcohol.